Album of The Month

Album of the Month: Dead Swans – Anxiety and Everything Else

Dead Swans from Brighton (UK) are one of those few hardcore bands who know how to play hardcore like it’s supposed to be, which is rare these days. They still manage to stick to real, no-nonsense hardcore tracks.

In a period of just two years they have released two EP’s, a split EP with no less than Architects and a full length titled Sleepwalkers. Now, three years after their last release, they are back with yet another EP; Anxiety And Everything Else.

This record consist of seven tracks that all last no longer than three minutes. As always they use simple chord strumming combined with fast paced drums and convincing raw vocals. Every song is a well-balanced mix of mid-tempo two-step rhythms, up-tempo verses and sporadic gang-shouts.

Despite the fact that the tracks were recorded at the Cro’s Nest Studio where they also recorded their first EP titled Southern Blue in 2008, their new EP is a slight improvement quality wise. The tracks sound crisper and clearer compared to previous records, but still have that raw edge to it.

However, don’t expect this record to be very different from what we’re used to from Dead Swans. They just kept doing what they’re good at; delivering aggressive, energetic and up-tempo songs with great live potential.

Written by Niels van Mol

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