Review: Direct Effect – Forget The Rest EP

Direct Effect from Orlando, Florida have released their Forget the Rest EP. Four tracks in less than eight minutes; Direct Effect do it hard and they do it fast. The EP kicks off with an uplifting intro, named after the title of the EP – “Just believe in youth. It’s a truth you don’t see every day”. The feedback of guitars and overall raw sound in this trackset the tone for Forget the Rest.

As previously discussed on the Bridge 9 forum and also mentioned on the band’s Facebook, it’s clear that the band’s influenced by the likes of Minor Threat, Lion of Judah, Paint It Black and Nirvana. Listening to Direct Effect, the authentic aspects of these bands all fall into place, and produce a sound that is perceivable yet renewing. It’s like a righteous tribute to the bands that inspired them, though sounding fresh and young.

‘Lazy Boy’ is a fast and heavy wake up call after opening track ‘Forget the Rest’. Although the band claims not be straight edge, the lyrics to the songs might let you believe they are. Straight edge or not, ‘Lazy Boy’ kicks in hard and cuts it straight to the point.

‘Presser, Pressure’ and ‘Don’t Lose Sight’ discuss the pressure from the “outside world”, hesitation, and distrust. Both tracks lead you through a dark alley with a light at the far end: a path of perseverance and conviction.

Direct effect delivered a convincing 4-track EP, which will hopefully take them a great step forward. Check it out and form your own opinion right here:

“You owe it to yourself.
Make a mindful choice.”

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