Crawl Back Bookings Takes Over Court Jester Bookings

Crawl Back Bookings has become a name that directly brings the image of great hardcore and metal shows to mind. Through the many events and tours that they have set up these last few years they have gathered certain renown among people in the Dutch scene.

It is not so long ago Crawl Back surprised us with a new department in Italy. Today they come with some great news: Crawl Back Bookings is taking over Court Jester Bookings, this February the 1st. Two new bookers: Elmer and Rogier are added to the family, as well as new roster bands: As Prayers Fail and Homeward!
We find it is good to see hardworking people as the guys from Crawl Back get something in return for their efforts. Their success is obvious and we are happy to see the organisation grow.

New guys Elmer and Rogier will be officially active beginning this February and will be reachable by email: and We wish these guys the best of luck!

Not familiar with the organisation? Check out their site and social media:
Facebook // Twitter

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