Q&A: Brutality Will Prevail

Prior to their tour with HarmsxWay and Dead End Path, we spoke to Brutality Will Prevail‘s singer Ajay Jones. Let us know who attended this tour. Word says it was insane! Our sincere apologies for posting this interview so late!

Please introduce yourself and BWP to our readers that might not have heard of you before.
Hey, I’m Ajay, I sing in Brutality Will Prevail. We are a South Wales hardcore band.

Can you guide us through BWP’s past and how you got to the current line-up?
I joined the band in 2005 with a lot different line up and style of music. After kicking the bad out, and finally being able to write the music we wanted. Nick started with Forgotten Soul, we recorded in the start of 2009 and self released the record on Purgatory. At the start I guess people didn’t take us serious, because of what we sounded like before. We just carried on playing shows, writing new music and touring.We have recorded another three records since; Root Of All Evil, Sleep Paralysis and a split 7inch. I think we changed the majority of the “haters” minds and seem to be doing a bit better. I just wish we changed the name.. haha I hate it.

You’ve just released “Sleep Paralysis.” How would you describe this record compared to “Root of All Evil”, your previous record?

We all tried some thing new for SP, it was a bit of a risk but I think it worked out. It is just structured a lot better, and after a bit of practice we are kind of all better musicians and song writers?? Haha! We have been using the same studio and each recording is getting better every time, which makes us real excited for the next record. We are demoing the new recorded tomorrow night, and I think it kills every thing we have done; more mosh and more breakdowns…

Do you think you made a step forward with this record and expanded your fan base?
Umm I hope so..

You’re touring non-stop at the moment. How do you combine this with your daily lives? What do you all do for a living?
It is hard work, we all have full time jobs, girlfriends, houses. We work as gas fitters, electricians, care work, practice rooms and the bank. We drive home from 3 week tours on a 15hour plus drive, and still make it into work for 6am. Most of the time it’s shit but it makes us really appreciate that we get the chance to be in a band. I think if we did the band full time, touring wouldn’t be half as fun. It would just become like or full time jobs, f*ck that! Haha.

What do you enjoy doing besides working and playing for BWP?
People who get into hardcore and live it every second of the day, mostly burn themselves out within two years, fact! I have been going to shows for a long time now and still love it, because I keep my mind fresh with other things out side of the scene. Don’t get me wrong, more than half of my mates are from hardcore and I hang out with them way too much. It’ good to have other friends
and to keep your self involved with activities, when I have time I ride motocross and bmx. Nick and Marc skate.

Your label Purgatory Records is growing rapidly. How do you explain the success? And what do you do to maintain the success?
Its crazy, I only started the label because no one would put our record out. I have just been super lucky I have got to put some amazing records and bands out. We have some real good records lined up for 2012. I just want to keep trying to step it up with better packaging and more good bands.

With experiencing the hardcore scene from both the band’s perspective, as from a label’s side, what is your opinion on the current scene?
I don’t care what any one thinks but right now hardcore is the best it’s ever been. More people are making the effort to go to shows, buy records and support their local bands. I could go on about “back in the day” but that’s just bull shit. I am just stoked BWP and purgz is a part of it!

Ajay, can you share why your straight edge lifestyle is so important to you? How do you think it affects your life and what it’s like to be straight edge in a scene where alcohol abuse isn’t uncommon?
I would love to kick off but what people do is their business. My opinion doesn’t count, just as long as it doesn’t effect me, I don’t really care.

BWP will be touring Europe in December and January alongside Harms Way and Dead End Path. Are you guys excited? Any specific shows or countries you’re looking forward to?
Yeah, just before we was asked to do the tour we was on the way home from a show and talked about how much we would love to tour with HarmsxWay, having DEP on the tour is just a added bonus. I get to see both of my favourite bands every night for 3 weeks. We have played alot of the places and venues before and made some friends over in europe. So I am stoked on seeing them hanging out and shit.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Yeah thanks for your time and Legends Arising + anyone who buys our records, likes our band and comes out to the shows!!

3 thoughts on “Q&A: Brutality Will Prevail

  1. Went to this tour in Brugge on the 13th. It was insane! BWP is such a good band, Dead End Path killed it aswell!. Didn’t like the Harm’s x Way performance that much tho. I’m really looking forward to another BWP show, these guys are going to be huge!

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