Album of The Month

Album of the Month: Daylight – The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams

Even though it is not technically an album, we are really excited to present The Difference Between Good and Bad Dreams EP by Pennsylvanian pop-punk band Daylight as Album of the Month; January.

4 tracks, 13 minutes long, this EP comes like a single critical blow, showing us a matured Daylight. Up- and down tempo songs with feeling to it, emotion and power. Long story short, we are enchanted by this little masterpiece these guys brought us.

The record opens with ‘On the Way to Dads’, the reason we like to call this a pop-punk release. The song holds very personal lyrics that tell a story about the relationship with a father who just does not understand what it is to fight for your dreams and a better life. Very up and dragging lines of chords make this a true audience favorite in our opinion.

Second on the release is a down-tempo song with a little buildup in the middle called ‘Hungry at a Funeral’, very punk-rock. A truly overwhelming and emotional song, to the real fan it is true beauty and a real threat if you enjoy quality vocals in a band. The interesting guitar riffs are really the icing on the cake.

‘Damp’ is bound to be a good one for any upcoming Daylight show you may be attending. A great guitar solo, great energy, great words, the whole vibe gets you on your feet and jumping.

Last but not least there is track 4 of the EP, The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams ends with ‘In my Dreams’. The song starts of very rocky, almost grungy and then suddenly transforms into this energetic pop-punk riff that keeps coming back on and off, followed by haunting lines about sleepless nights. The track ends with killing guitars and that is the end of it, another great Daylight release.

Even though The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams is not very hardcore, not even very much pop-punk, we feel like it is a very passionate release from the Daylight quartet. This is what we like about the genre, the feeling of passion and truth, the emotional and personal aspect of the music. The raw simplicity of honest music, it is something that we find that this EP reflects very much.

If you have not heard the tracks make sure to do so by visiting the Run For Cover Records Bandcamp page and give the album a listen!

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