Happy New Years!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick message to wish you all the best for 2012! We hope that 2011 was a year filled with new experiences, new friends, good music and that you were able to conquer the obstacles that hit your path.

While Tim is experiencing the culture, heat and food in Asia, Ruben has been taking full care of Legends Arising. With 2012 being only a few hours away, we’d like to focus on the fact that hardcore still lives! The guys in No Turning Back had a great tour in Asia the past month and Tim is also experiencing the vividness of the scene in Asia. As a European community we hope that we can help to stimulate the scenes these kind of territories. Hardcore lives! Worldwide! And every kid out there should have a chance to see their favorite bands play. We hope western communities can help to let bands tour places like Asia, East-Europe and South-Africa. Our message to you is to stand up, and to support or start initiatives that increase the reach of hardcore.

Thank you so much for supporting us this past year. We’ve seen a great increase in views and support and we hope that you’ll keep supporting us in 2012 as well.

Hardcore lives. Worldwide.

Cheers and have a great evening,

Ruben & Tim

Photo by © Aviruth INat Pinkaew

Design by © Agus Eka Putra

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