Mediaskare Records Releases Free 2011 Sampler

The Christmas gifts keep coming! This time it is Mediaskare Records who brings us a tasty Christmas treat; a free 26-tracks sampler. The downloadable content is nearly all tracks from recent releases.

Mediaskare Records states it is; “…a way of saying thank you to all of our supporters.

The tracklisting is as following:
1. As Blood Runs Black ‘Resist’
2. Betrayal ‘The Good Die Young’
3. Bury Your Dead ‘The Sirens Of Titan’
4. Confession ‘Asthma Attack’
5. Deez Nuts ‘This One’s For You’
6. Endwell ‘Depression Party’
7. The Ghost Inside ‘Between The Lines’
8. Heights ‘The Lost And Alone’
9. Hero In Error ‘High Point Of New Lows’
10. Hundredth ‘Live Today’
11. It Prevails ‘Artisan’
12. Knuckle Up! ‘Motivation From Misery’
13. King Conquer ‘Tyranny’
14. Lionheart ‘The Hand That Feeds’
15. Murder Death Kill ‘Abomination’
16. Mureau ‘California’
17. Silent Civilian ‘Atonement’
18. Suffokate ‘My Darkened Eyes’
19. The Red Shore ‘The Seed Of Annihilation’
20. Volumes ‘Edge Of The Earth’
Rite Of Passage Records:
21. Creations ‘The Wolf, The Clothes’
22. Darasuum ‘A Place Called Home’
23. Deserters ‘Wolf In Shepherds Clothing’
24. Redeemer ‘Fury And Chains’
25. The Sheds ‘Heart’
26. Stand Your Ground ‘Nautilus’

So, hop on the Mediaskare Records site, fill in your email address, click submit and receive your 26-track long hardcore Christmas gift. Do not forget to thank the people at Mediaskare Records by supporting the label and its bands!

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