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Exclusive: As Heavens Collide – Your Saviour

The guys in As Heavens Collide shot a video for ‘Your Saviour’ and asked us to release it. Singer Kevin Kusters commented on the process of shooting their very first video. Check the video out below and share it with your friends.

What is ‘Your Saviour’ about?

The song is about people who always think that they have to face everything alone. Though, if you look around there are always people that can help you with every situation; you just need to put some own effort in it to get the help.

How does the video translate that onto screen?

We didn’t think about translating that through the video, but we chose for a great location instead; just us playing the song. It’s the thing we love to do so why try to complicate things with acting and scripts. This is how we are: having fun and doing what we love.

What was it like to shoot your first video?

It was realy exciting to shoot our first video. We had no idea what we could expect, but it was also the first video for the producers who recorded us.
So it was a very exciting, awesome new experience for us.

We actualy didn’t have a location until 3 days before the recording, so we were very nervous we couldn’t get a good location. In the end we had some luck with the great location, but the only down side was that we had to drag all our stuf through a huge playground, downhill and than through 30cm high, wet grass. In the end it was worth it, and we had some good laughs to slipping and sliding down that hill.

What can we expect from AHC in the near future?

We have loads of plans, but we’re still deciding on how and when to implement them. First we want to play more in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. At the same time we are also writing some new material for our full-length record, but that is something we didnt put a deadline on. We dont want to push ourselves in speeding up the writing process; we want to take our time to produce something good. We just want to have fun and play everywhere we can.

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