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So Called Celeste – Dead Reckoning

Friends in So Called Celeste shot a video for a new track called ‘Dead Reckoning’. We spoke with singer Joel McKay to tell you the story behind the video. Check both the interview and video below and spread it around.

So guys, what is ‘Dead Reckoning’ about?

Well the song is about the frustrations I sometimes have with living in the Netherlands. I get homesick sometimes and it was really bad this time, because one of my best friends from Canada invited me to his wedding. Unfortunately I knew right away there was no way I could pay for the trip. I mean, it’s not like I can drive there, right, haha?

Then I started thinking about what we used to do together, and where we used to hang out. How things have changed in the past 13 years, how I miss those guys and those times.

The term ‘dead reckoning’ comes from the shipping and plane industry and means that you don’t need to know where you are exactly, to get to where you’re going. That you can navigate just by looking at your surroundings. There are certain people in my life who I see as my ‘dead reckoning’. I can always count on them and I’m very grateful to know them.

How does the video translate that onto screen?

We came up with the idea of shooting a video sometime in the spring of this year, and it was something none of us had done before. And after all the stuff that happend with SCC, like line-up changes and writing a new EP Vultures, we thought this would be a great way of letting people who know us and those who don’t, who So Called Celeste is. The new stuff is what you would expect from us, but different at the same time. But we really wanted a ‘simple’ video. You know no fancy-smancy stuff with stories and fights with girlfriends and what not. We wanted it to be us doing what we love doing. And I think that came out just fine.

What was it like to shoot the video?

It was great shooting the video, it really was. We were looking for people to shoot it online and watching literally hundreds of video’s to decide what we wanted, and out of the blue Jaap Stolk (SCC’s first guitar-player) sent Erik a message asking if we were going to shoot a video anytime soon. So naturally our choice was easy. The track was recorded at Graveland Studio with Arno Krabman, we love being there and the sound is again, in your face, aggressive and dirty. Just how we like it!

We filmed at a few locations in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Mijdrecht for 2 days and it was a great experience. Jaap is funny as hell, but also very professional and it was really good seeing him again. We shot some slow-motion footage, so we had to play and move twice as fast as normal speed. That was funny haha, basses and guitars flying all over the place. We got to hang out at the location in Amsterdam with Jaap, and also Peter Hoogeveen (ex A New Hope) came to help out and take pictures, he is by the way also one of the funniest people we know. So it was basically a weekend of good times. Also we shot the video on the day of my buddy’s wedding. So it really meant a lot to me, to play ‘Dead Reckoning’ on that day.

What can we expect from SCC in the near future?

You can expect more of the same from SCC. More shows, more tours and we’re currently writing a full-length album. So we hope to see everyone at the shows!

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