Review: Hundredth – Let Go

Hundredth, a band as progressive as they come, set a name for themselves in 2010 by releasing their album When Will We Surrender. From that point they could have gone anywhere. However, they chose to grow in their own sound, where their previous album had already cut it, their newest release Let Go reaches for new heights. No sound change for these guys, improving their own sound is what they did and they did it well.

After a great, typical Hundredth intro you directly get thrown into the first song of the album; ‘Weathered Down’. The thing that strikes the listener almost directly is not only the new refreshing sound of the backing vocals by Alex Blackwell, but also the surprisingly traditional hardcore sound of the break that almost follows directly. The use of an authentic sound is heard throughout the whole album and is so well done as the band really made it their own. This, in comparison to the fairly different style influence used on their previous record When Will We Surrender.

For the heavier listener Hundredth brings us ‘Carry On’, a song that is hardcore from beginning till end with great breaks and heavy chords. Other highlights (for the more delicate listener) on this album are songs like ‘Monumental Part II’ and ‘Restless’, songs that just breathe Hundredth. Elements of these songs are the great melodies, impressive use of clean vocals and group vocal parts that show great potential for live sing-alongs.

Another interesting song on this album is of course their Nine Inch Nails cover ‘Hurt’. Never have I heard a cover song like this. A cover song brought over with so much understanding and feeling and so well translated that it just feels right and at its place. Nevertheless, the song is an interesting and above all daring choice the guys in Hundredth made here.

The album gives us a little peek of what Hundredth is capable of and really sets the sound for this band. Giving us songs that grab and hold you from beginning till end has become their trademark, giving us a new feel in a scene where bands copy each other more and more. It is refreshing to have a band that does not care about labels and just keeps going their own way.

In my opinion, the songs prove to make a great album but also hold some great material for an amazing live show! I think we can all agree on the fact that Hundredth has put together some great songs here, Let Go turned out brilliant, and Hundredth are definitely a band to keep in mind!

Review by Ruben Middelweerd.

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