Former Holding Onto Hope Singer Launches

Our good friend Cory o’Keefe, former singer for Holding Onto Hope, is proud to announce the new launch of After a year of changes the website it up and fully running. To those of you that are not familiar yet with LUVD, they are a lifestyle clothing brand that gives a portion of each sale to the cause of your choice. We’ve been supporters of LUVD since the very beginning, so Cory and Legends Arising teamed up to give you a proper introduction.

What is LUVD?

LUVD is a clothing brand encouraging people to be themselves, pursue their passion, and live a lifestyle of giving. Currently clothing is the canvas for the message. In the future that canvas will develop and we will be spreading LUVD propaganda through various platforms.

On the giving end, you are able to choose the cause that a portion of each sale goes to. We are currently partnered with four causes that work to end various global issues. We also do collaboration products with various causes and brands in which we donate 50% of proceeds to the causes they support. We want to showcase and bring to the forefront people doing awesome things across the globe. Saying that it is easy to give! It is not about the quantity you, or how you give, it is about being apart of something greater then yourself. Millions of people giving a little makes a lot of a difference.

How does LUVD relate to the hardcore scene?

I love the hardcore scene, I think there is so much talent and the kind of music is so raw and powerful. There is an emotion and power in hardcore that you can’t find in any other type of music. Thats why i love it. I think people that listen to it, get it. People that don’t think it’s not music and just bunch of crazy people with long hair.

LUVD sparked at the time when I myself was in the hardcore scene. I was the vocalist of a band called Holding Onto Hope for 3 years. My story isn’t crazy, but i was never a vocalist, never tried, never thought I could be. But stepped up to an opportunity and just did it. And to this day people tell me how much that record means to them. In a nut shell thats all that LUVD is. It’s realizing that we have the ability to do and be so much more then what we sometimes believe – knowing that those things have the ability to inspire and affect the lives of others. Knowing that, we have a duty to use our talents and pursue what our hearts are passionate about!!! This world wants to tell us, were not good enough, we need to be perfect, do this…do that. We each have specific gifts, talents, and abilities. It’s about USING THEM, taking the first step and embracing the journey that follows.

So to answer the question, I met so many people in the hardcore scene and believe there are still that are at that same stage. Fearful, anxious, insecure, doubting… And i wanted to tell them that they are good enough!! Good enough to play in a band, good enough to start a band, good enough to overcome that obstacle, good enough to get past the mess they’re are struggling with. I wanted to create a way to tell them, they are awesome, they have a purpose, they are valued! THEY ARE LUVD!!!!!

What are your goals? How do you see the future of LUVD?

The plans are exciting! I have too many ideas so it gets intense to talk about. But we want to break into multiple industries with our message. Clothing is the current canvas, but we have plans to bring LUVD into film, social networking, communities, music tours, artist sponsors and much more! The only way to keep posted on these things is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Join us in the LUVD Movement! Choose your shirt, choose your cause! @

If Cory’s story spoke to you, you can check it again in short via the video below and share it with your friends. We support LUVD. Do you?

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