Terror Reveals DVD Details

On November 1st, hardcore veterans Terror will release the Defining The Faith DVD as part of the special deluxe reissue of their latest CD, Keepers Of The Faith. Produced, edited, and authored by Carlo Oppermann and Ambitious.Films, Defining The Faith features a full live set that is composed of three different Terror shows in three distinct settings: a small club, a big hall, and a massive European festival. These live performances were filmed at the following concerts: Mach1 festival in Montabaur (June 24th), Cafe Central in Weinheim (June 28th), and Essigfabrik in Köln (June 29th), and the complete set-list for the DVD is below.

Defining The Faith live DVD set-list

01. Stick Tight
02. Out Of My Face
03. One With The Underdogs
04. Push it Away
05. Never Alone
06. Lowest Of The Low
07. Betrayer
08. Spit My Rage
09. Always The Hard Way
10. Keep Your Mouth Shut
11. Hell And Back
12. Life & Death
13. You’re Caught
14. Your Enemies Are Mine
15. Overcome
16. Keepers Of The Faith

Defining The Faith also features a European tour documentary with band interviews, backstage footage, and more-plus, four music videos taken from the band’s Keepers Of The Faith album: ‘Stick Tight’, ‘Keepers Of The Faith’, ‘Return To Strength’, and ‘You’re Caught’. And as yet another additional bonus, the making of their latest music video, ‘You’re Caught’, will also be included in the DVD! If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here-but be warned! ‘You’re Caught’ is a bit on the extreme side, so it isn’t for the faint of heart.

With hours of live footage, behind-the-scenes interviews, music videos, and more, this special CD/DVD-set is a must-have for all hardcore Terror fans! Be sure to pick up your copy of Keepers Of The Faith/Defining The Faith in stores on November 1st.

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