An Early Ending Premieres New Track

With less than a month until the release of their sophomore album, Igniter, Harrisburg, PA’s An Early Ending are turning up the heat with the release of the album’s titular track, premiering today exclusively at Noisecreep.

The album, which is set to drop September 6th on CI Records (former home of likeminded acts August Burns Red, Texas In July and others), marks the band’s triumphant return after a near-fatal accident that sidelined the band for nearly a year surrounding the release of their 2009 debut, Bloodlines.

With the release of Igniter, the band members are poised to make good on the promise they’ve displayed in the past. The album draws an influence from the metalcore bands that An Early Ending grew up on and have often shared the stage with, while pulling in elements of mainstream hard rock to create a sound that is pummeling yet chorus-driven. It’s a sonic assault that manages to avoid the scream-sing-scream formula associated with the genre.

People tend to lump is in with the generic ‘metal core’ sound,” explains vocalist Alex Runk, “but we’ve really tried to focus on our individuality and write an album that shows off all aspects of our variety of influences. Ultimately, we wanted to write songs that reflected our roots in the loud, heavy music we grew up on, but that still had a personality of their own.

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