London Riots Lead To Destruction Indie Distributor’s Warehouse


The ongoing riots in London led to a fire destroying the Sony DADC warehouse in the London borough of Enfield. The building held stock for PIAS, the largest indie distributor in the UK and distro for labels like Beggars, Domino, Drag City, Drive-Thru Records, Fat Cat Records, Nuclear Blast, Rough Trade, Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Side One Dummy Records, Touch and Go Records, Vagrant Records, Vice Records, Victory Records, Xtra Mile and many more.

Frank Turner commented on the riots and the PIAS destruction via his Twitter:

If your “revolution” involves my friends n family bring attacked in their homes, then f*ck yr “revolution”, f*ck it right in the ear. Mind-blowingly, some people seem to be trying to justify any of this. People saying they burnt down PIAS, UK indie distributor. Oh well, there goes independent labels. F*ck.

The ongoing London riots began August 6th, 2011 following the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old civilian, Mark Duggan, by members of the Metropolitan Police Service. A march by some 200 people in Tottenham became violent and descended into rioting.

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