Q&A: Touché Amoré

Last weekend Touché Amoré played our wonderful country and they played an amazing show. After putting out the brilliant Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me, which was album of the month in May, we needed to ask the guys some questions. Singer Jeremy Blom took some time to answer them.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

My name is Jeremy and I sing in Touché Amoré.

Your new record Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me got a lot of positive reactions. What were your expectations?

I went into it without any. In the world of punk/hardcore you never know how kids will react to new records. So you just have to do your best with what you have and cross your fingers. It’s been really overwhelming that we’ve had such a positive response.

Touché Amoré has a pretty authentic style. What are the key elements of that style and who or what influences you?

Clean guitars with hard drums/heavy bass makes up the overall tone of the band sonically. But overall just making melody and aggression come together as best we can without sugarcoating anything or trying to do something we’re not comfortable with. When we write a song, how it comes out is natural. Nothing is ever forced.

You get to play to hundreds of kids every month. What do you write about and is there a message you’re trying to get across?

Personal experience. How I feel about situations. Anything I feel is worth getting out.

What got you into hardcore/punk rock and who were your biggest inspirations?

I accidentally saw Snapcase in 1998. They did a surprise set at a Far show. My mind was blown. I later got into bands like Strife, Earth Crisis, Vision of Disorder, etc. Overtime I got more involved and found some local bands at the time and it all just grew. I’ve had huge inspirations for all things musical. It doesn’t have to be punk or hardcore. These days Leonard Cohen is one of my biggest writing influences and that guy couldn’t be further removed from hardcore.

What made you wanna play in a band?

Nirvana. When I was about 9 years old, I was beyond obsessed and they were my favorite band. Watching them play huge festivals on TV and having such a “I dont give a shit” attitude about it was incredible. They played for themselves and no one else.

What is hardcore about for you?

The f**ked up thing, is that if you asked me this when I was fourteen I’d have a completely different answer. I’d say it was about “community” and “coming together for the same purpose”. But that’s just the ideal and token answer you’re suppose to give. These days you don’t see much of that. Maybe I’m just jaded. For myself now that I’m much older, I think that hardcore is about finding your own place to vent your struggles of the day to day. It’s more of a personal expression to me than a communal one. Whether it offends people or not, do everything for yourself. That includes being vegan, straight edge, atheist, etc. Following trends is the lamest thing about punk/hardcore.

The new record is out, you’ve been playing The States non stop and now you’re in Europe. What’s the next step for you guys?

We head to Australia for the first time in September!

Can you recommend any upcoming bands to our readers?

Check out Joyce Manor and Single Mothers.

All photos are taken by © Jens Quasten • http://loversinnerthief.tumblr.com/

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