Album of The Month

Album of the Month: Altars – Opposition

The album of the month feature originally got introduced to give bands a little extra exposure. Altars, Strike First Records’ latest signing, is one of those acts that truly deserve to be talked about. Their debut EP Opposition is coming out on the 19th of July and is a must have for any of you that like passionate, heavy hardcore/metal.

Altars (formerly Monuments) present themselves in 6 short, but convincing tracks. Title song ‘Opposition’ could be described as a 67 second breakdown, but its energy and heaviness make your ears gasping for more. The guitars smash through the silence and will destroy the venue walls during the live set.

The 6 songs might not score high on originality or authenticity, but the young quintet proves to be a worthy newcomer in this scene. Their style might remind you of For The Fallen Dreams or The Ghost Inside, yet I believe that they have the potential to stick out and might even outgrow these bands.

There are two songs that really caught my attention. A one-liner and a series of blast beats introduce you to ‘The Advocate’ . It’s the first song where you get an impression of singer Mike Searle’s vocal skills. His ability to vary his screams are good and I think we can expect a lot more from it on the next record. ‘The Advocate’ brings forth an interesting range of technical diversity, what really makes this song stand out.

Melodic guitar riffs are an important part of Altars’ sound. In outro song ‘Volition’ they make that clear one last time. The strong songwriting and the 100 % moshability make this my second favorite song on Opposition.

Opposition is a very convincing debut EP and I believe that Altars will grow big within no time. Support hardcore music and buy Opposition now, you won’t regret it.

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