The Gun Show To Release B-sides Track

The Gun Show announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new song, which is a b-sides track of their latest album Discontentment. The new song is called ‘The Boy’ and pairs with Discontentment‘s fifth song ‘The Girl’. According to guitarist Eric Biddle it “really completes the album’s meaning and flow as a whole”. Just like ‘The Honest Truth’, ‘The Boy’ also features a rap part. The song will be released on June 3th, or earlier once the band hits 11.000 “likes” on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “The Gun Show To Release B-sides Track

  1. I love this idea! I’m probably not your typical subscriber, but here’s the deal…my husband and I love music, but these days we are overwhelmed with raising kid and don’t have the time to search for new stuff. Now you can do it for us. Excellent!

    • Yo Matt, I’m afraid I don’t know whether the guys released this track or not in the end. The track came along with the promo that they sent me, but I don’t know where you can download/buy the track. Try contacting the guys directly through Facebook. Good luck!

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