Dynasty – Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance

A new force is rising from the Los Angeles west coast that goes under the name Dynasty. If you’d ask me to name some bands that define the true hardcore sound to me, I’d probably give you Terror and Madball for an answer. This generation grew up listening to those bands and to them they represent today’s hardcore scene. Dynasty are youngsters that play music in vain of the old generation hardcore heroes.

Their new record Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance drops on May 24th via Strike First Records. Mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, Terror, Ignite), you can expect a raw yet solid produced album. Think of the raw elements of Terror’s One with the Underdogs and a solid touch of Madball’s Empire.

Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance brings back the hardcore spirit that a lot of “modern” hardcore bands miss. ‘Triumph and Truth’ is one of my favorite songs that indicate that feeling, because of its uplifting tempo changes, gang vocals and straight forward message. I’m not saying that every hardcore song needs gang vocals or tempo changes, but these elements make this song complete.

‘Back to Life’ is a fast, grooving track that reminds me of Cruel Hand. The bass intro immediatly caught my attention and it speeds up with guitar riffs and fast lines by singer Joel M. Other songs that can’t be missed are ‘Worthless Will’ and ‘Dangerous Minds’.

Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance is a must have for those who love the west coast hardcore sound. Dynasty is a fresh wind among the settled names and will leave you impressed.

“Don’t waste your breath, unless you speak the truth.”

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