Touche Amore Release New Video

Touche Amore just released a new video for ‘Home Away From Here’ of their forthcoming album Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me. CD/LP/Digital in stores June 7th. Vocalist Jeremy Bolm commented, “The thought of doing a music video in this day & age along with this world we’re involved in has always felt a bit odd. But after seeing some of Derek’s videos online, we got inspired. Whether anyone saw it or not, we knew it would be a good time. Derek puts together stop motion videos using still photographs and has quite the talent for piecing it all together. We brought him along for a short run of West Coast shows in April of 2011. He shot 65,000 photos for this project. The song is called ‘Home Away From Here’ and it’s about traveling and finding comfort in the struggle of trying to survive. We wanted him to capture everything candid of what its like to tour. Driving, unloading, hanging out, playing, sleeping on floors, etc. Derek did a fantastic job!!!”

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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