Jawbone – Lost of Innocence

5 tracks is all it takes…

…to blow someones mind. Only formed in 2009, Evansville’s Jawbone is about to release their 7″ Loss of Innocence through Blood and Ink Records. Their 90’s style of metallic hardcore instantly caught my attention and might remind you of Converge’s Jane Doe era. It’s straight up, passionate and meaningful hardcore, the way it’s supposed to be.

Singer Clint Vaught speaks of a hope they put their trust in as a band, of a lifestyle they intentially chose to live. Jawbone despises the American dream and the way it influences peoples lives: their actions come forth from selfish desires. Title track ‘Loss of Innocence’ is about growing up, giving in to idols and greed. How people always think first of themselves before thinking of others. How they’ll do anything to get more of anything. And what will it lead to in the end? Nothing. We all have to face death some day and according to Jawbone, we have to search for something bigger than ourselves, bigger than this world.

This message is accompanied by sincere instrumental forces. Although their sound has a metallic twist, it can never be compared to the modern metalcore genre. Jawbone breaths hardcore in every way they can. In their songs they take a stand for something they believe in and translate it into energetic, passionate songs.

Loss of Innocence is now up for pre-orders. It’s available in 3 different colors and can be bundled with two different t-shirts. Jawbone’s Blood and Ink debut is due to be released on May 31th.

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