Ark of the Covenant – Separation

This is a short shout out for the guys in Ark of the Covenant that are about to release their EP Separation on Strike First Records.

It has only been two weeks ago that I first heard of them. Though their single ‘The Book of Life’ blew me away. The song caught my attention from the intro chords on. Low tuned guitars and breakdowns might seem the standard in today’s metalcore scene, but Ark of the Covenant knows how to stand out. They combine technical metal with hardcore and the Alexander Vincelette’s high screams remind me of our friends in death metal quintet Downfall of Empires. Their heavy sound can be compared to Oceano.

Separation contains five convincing tracks of which four are heavy moshable songs. Fifth song ‘Seperated’ is ballad that’s a bit like For Today’s ‘Breaker’s Commission. Separation is available on May 10th and is up for pre-orders now on MerchNow.

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