Help Benea Reach Get Signed To Roadrunner Records

The memories of the night that Benea Reach played in our hometown are still very vivid. As a 13 year old kid I was extremely impressed by their performance, as it was one of the first heavy shows I witnessed. After listening to punkrock of Sacred Life and indie-core by The Spirit That Guides US, it was Benea Reach that got me into metalcore.

After releasing the influential Monument Bineothan that left its marks forever on my taste of music, the band released its strong follow up record Alleviat. The Norwegian band has a very authentic sound that you will also recognize in the two songs they released this week. The rough mixes sound exceptional.

Almost 10 years after that very night that I saw Benea Reach ripping it, they’re asking for my, and your help. By creating a profile on the Roadrunner website, you can review and rate the two demo’s. This way the band has a chance to be Roadrunner’s newest signing. Go and support your legends.

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