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Groezrock 2011 Highlights

It took some time, but we’re finally back on schedule. Groezrock 2011 was A-MA-ZING. Long nights of sleep and proper food got us back on track after a long, sunny, busy weekend. Me and close friend Aron Tan worked for Epitaph Europe during the two festival days, handing out goodie bags and shooting pictures of people with Mike Ness, but had plenty of time seeing some amazing bands. We searched through Youtube to present our highlights to you.

We were majorly suprised by the performance of our friends in While She Sleeps. They’re currently on tour with Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men. Their performance was announced around 2pm, and more than 1000 kids witnessed their amazing show at 9pm on the small MacBeth stage. See the video below for an impression.

The singer of Of Mice & Men announced While She Sleeps‘ performance during their show that afternoon, which was very good having Austin Carlile back as frontman.

Other melodic hardcore and metal acts we enjoyed were Miss May I and August Burns Red.

After a very long day we rounded up the Friday with an energetic performance by Underoath.

Luckily there were plenty hardcore bands playing as well. We LOVED Cruel Hand and The Ghost Inside.

There were also a few all timers representing the hardcore scene. We enjoyed Madball, Shai Hulud and Comeback Kid.

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