Converge / Dropdead “Split”

A pairing of two legendary bands celebrating their joint twenty year history within the Punk/Hardcore genre, by releasing a self released 7″EP called Split. It will be available Jun 21st and will exclusively be distributed by Deathwish Direct and The Armageddon Label. Pre-ordering information and other specifics will be announced shortly.

Both songs were recorded at Kurt Ballou’s God City Studios in early 2011, and mastered by John Golden (Neurosis, Melvins, etc). ‘Runaway’ from Converge is an instant classic for the band, unrelenting in its speed and emotional ferocity from beginning to end. While Dropdead‘s ‘Paths of Glory’ is an unforgettable political punk/hardcore anthem, that proves that the years behind the band have only strengthened their hold on the battlefront of the true underground.

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