Album of The Month

Album of the Month: Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

After releasing groundbreaking EP Lost Ground, followed up by debut album Travels, Defeater just released their second full length album Empty Days & Sleepless Nights via Bridge Nine Records. The expectations were high, considering that their previous releases were some of the best renewing tunes we’ve heard in a long time.

Empty Days & Sleepless Nights kicks in hard with ‘Warm Blood Rush’. You’ll recognize their solid and authentic style of hardcore immediately. Or punk rock, as bassist Mike told me over and over again on a late night at Zwarte Cross Festival in Holland. Punk rock blended with very characteristic melodies. ‘Warm Blood Rush’ will take you by the hand and show you what Defeater is about, without it sounding the same as Travels.

‘Warm Blood Rush’ is followed up by the first single of the album ‘Dear Father’. The song embodies strong riffs accompanied by even stronger lyrics: “So what are your going to do? Be the hero that your father was, be the man he made you to be? Never make a promise that you can’t prove.”

Empty Days & Sleepless Nights takes you back to the story of two brothers who lost their father to war and whose mom is a drug addict. Empty Days describes the life of the angry and fatigued brother, when Sleepless Nights finishes the record up with four acoustic songs. It’s a beautiful and carefully composed storyline which you should definitely read. Purchase the record, sit down with the booklet and read along the songs.

While listening to the album, you’ll notice that Empty Days & Sleepless Nights isn’t as fast as Travels. Defeater still has lots of energy, but takes more time to express themselves with melodic guitar lines.

‘White Oak Doors’ is the magical change between Empty Days and Sleepless Nights. Don’t worry, your record or download is not broken if you get a whole minute of silence at the end of the song. Read the lyrics and you’ll get what it’s about.

Empty Days & Sleepsless Nights is a very strong, more melodic, follow up of Travels. The storyline continues and impresses us by its profundity. Defeater is likely to become one of todays biggest hardcore acts, yet they stick to their own roots. This is pure greatness.

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