Mediaskare Records Launches Sub-Label

Rite Of Passage Records, a new subsidiary of Mediaskare Records has announced its first three signings: Creations, Float Face Down, and Stand Your Ground. All three will have albums in stores this year through the label.

“Rite Of Passage Records is the perfect model for an independent label like Mediaskare to really develop and nurture up and coming acts that we feel have a long and bright future without exposing them to too much too soon” commented Mediaskare Records owner Baron Bodnar. “A big problem in the current state of music is that instead of really taking the time to develop bands, labels are throwing them out to the wolves right away and their longevity is dramatically cut short.” he added.

Australian hardcore band Creations will be the first artist to release an album through Rite Of Passage, with their debut ‘The Gospel’ set to be released this summer. Meanwhile, New Jersey’s Float Face Down and Tennessee’s Stand Your Ground are currently in the studio recording their album, which will see release later this year.

For more info on Rite Of Passage Records and its artists, check out:

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