Foundation Unveal Cover Art and Tracklisting New Album

It’s been a long time in the making but Foundation’s B9 debut album, When The Smoke Clears, will be available worldwide in May 3rd and the cover art is finally ready to be seen. When The Smoke Clears is ten tracks that are reminiscent of 90’s ‘core like Buried Alive, Indecision and Bane and is a must-have for any fan of hardcore, both past and present. Foundation has already made a name for themselves by touring across the US with Terror, hitting Europe with Bracewar, and playing the festival circuit (United Blood, This Is Hardcore, Sound & Fury, and more).

What do you guys think of the artwork?


1. Purple Heart
2. At Your Mercy
3. Devotion II
4. A Thousand Ways
5. Anthem For Redemption
6. Calloused
7. No Cure For Fools
8. No One Writes Protest Songs…
9. Never Stops Raining
10. The Sound Of Arson

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