Gideon – Costs

At Legends Arising HQ it became the standard to review only one record per month, for the Album of the Month feature. We’re not the best writers (we’re still looking for writers!!), and we do this out of passion for the scene. We want to share good music and want to give bands the chance to grow. This month we highlighted No Turning Back‘s Take Control, but there’s another band that deserves to be heard. Facedown Records’ freshly signed Gideon is about to release their full length album Costs. We got the record in yesterday and we were blown away.

First thing you’ll notice is the deep, but heavy bass sound in title track ‘Costs’ and also the great production work producer Brian Hood delivered. The slow intro song is followed up by the faster ‘Unworthy’. This is also one of my favorite tracks of the album. Technical and structured guitarwork are mixed with heavy breakdowns and beautiful melodic choruses with clean vocals.

Costs keeps up its speedrate with songs like ‘Foundation’. Powerfull guitarriffs and low drumfills keep the tracks aggresive, and at the point you think the album only consists of screaming vocals, clean vocals highlight the track again. I think that clean vocals in today’s scene are overrated and that it’s something ‘you’re supposed to do’, but Daniel McCartney’s clean vocals are a very good addition to their sound.

Gideon presents a smooth blend of hardcore and metal with a very natural feel to it. They wrap up Costs perfectly with ‘Dreams’. The track made me realize that their sound is very similar to The Ghost Inside (although I’m totally fine with that, I love The Ghost Inside). ‘Dreams’ mixes technical guitarwork, grooving drumfills and heavy basssolos. The vocals have a shout-out feel to it and this song will definitely make you have a good time at one of their shows.

Support these guys and pre-order their album, you won’t regret it! Costs hit the stores on March 1st.

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