Q&A: Carpathian’s Martin Kirby

One of our favorite Australian bands Carpathian is playing Europe the coming weeks. Singer Martin Kirby took some time to answer our questions. Make sure to check these guys out!! Head over to our tour-page to check all their dates with Defeater.

European Tour with Defeater! What are you guys looking forward to the most?

Personally I was looking forward to this week before and the week’s after tour because I am already in Europe having some personal time. I think as a band we are looking forward to the energy of the tour, we know Europe is excited about Carpathian and Defeater touring together and to expect awesome shows.

What’s the best part of touring? Any cool experiences you wanna share?

Travelling. Although I have worked super hard with this band for almost 10 years I will always consider myself super lucky to see the world how I do. There are so many cool experiences but some highlights include travelling and playing in Bulgaria and Romania, playing shows in small houses in the smallest towns of New Zealand, recording in Boston and making some of our best friends in Japan and South East Asia.

Carpathian writes some pretty strong songs/lyrics: can you tell us something about the message that you’re trying to get across?

I guess the most prominent and re-occuring theme throughout my lyrics is the idea of true love. Most of the time this is referring to the love between romantic partners but also sometimes on love between friends and family or the human race and our environment. Hopefully I inspire listeners to treat other people and our world with respect and love… I guess I mainly do this by being critical of myself within my lyrics.

There are a lot of young upcoming bands trying new stuff, making up funny names for their ‘own’ genres, etc. What’s your opinion on the current hardcore scene?

‘Bands trying new stuff’ is so important and keep’s music exciting and relevant however I don’t think there are many bands trying something new… Unfortunately too many bands are trying to be the next big thing rather than the next interesting thing and their perspective of what is really cool about being in a band is completely skewed.
Being a fan of alternative music is becoming harder because there are so many mainstream marketing methods, deceit and dishonesty within a scene that was built on honesty and ‘against the grain’ methods. It is hard for people now to really know a band and their message or ideals and unfortunately shitty bands and people capitalise off this.

What’s hardcore about for you guys?

I really like to think Carpathian is an honest band… there is no ego, no deceit, no desire for money or fame or lust… it is sincerely 5 people and their friends and the story that unfolds. As a collective we are interested in writing and playing music only and the benefits that come with our lifestyle such as travelling, making friends, experiencing great food and culture are incredible. We are a modern hardcore band, we grew up in Australia and could never know true struggle like some of the forefathers of hardcore experienced and shared. Like anyone, we have experienced some struggle, loss of family, heart break, lack of wealth etc but we are mostly lucky and pretending to be something else is too common a disease in modern hardcore.

How do you stay true to those thoughts, though try to be renewing?

I’m stubborn and think I know everything… hah easy!

What upcoming bands can you recommend to our readers?

Australia – Warbrain, Iron Mind, Colossus.
Europe – AYS, Ritual

Any last words?

Thank you – check out my record label – http://www.deadsoulsrecords.com

Thanks a lot for answering our questions Martin! Good luck on the European tour and see you there!

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