Q&A: Delusions’ Tony and Trevor

Freshly signed to Tragic Hero Records and Outerloop Management, the guys in Delusions are about to conquer the hearts of tons of kids. They bring the world some renewing melodic hardcore tunes and Tony (guitar) and Trevor (vocals) took some time to answer our questions.

You just got signed to Tragic Hero Records en Outerloop Management, congratulations! What is this like for you guys, and is it a big step in your career?
Signing to Tragic Hero is like a dream come true. Its something we have devoted our lives towards and something we have wanted for so long. It feels great to finally accomplish such a goal. It is a huge step for us.

Can you introduce Delusions to everyone here in Europe that haven’t heard of you guys yet?

We are a melodic hardcore band based out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania USA. The band consists of members Trevor Gilbride (vocals) Tony Ciaramello (guitar) Chris Definis (drums) Andrew Lopez (guitar) Brendan Walsh (bass). Our music can be heard on Myspace, Facebook and Youtube.

Somewhere on Facebook I read that you guys already recorded your debut album, coming out this summer. What’s the roll of Tragic Hero when they’re putting it out?

We originally went to Think Sound Studio in Greensboro North Carolina to record a demo EP with Producer Drew Fulk. Soon after leaving the studio we signed to Tragic Hero Records returning in September to finish our full length. The album has a scheduled release date for May 2011.

What other plans do you guys have for the future? Any chance you guys will be touring Europe?

As of right now our future plans are to tour as much as possible. When we drop our cd we want people to know of us and to have an idea of what to expect from the album. We do plan on touring Europe! There is no saying how soon it will happen but I know it is definitely a goal our band will be looking to accomplish.

In a time that hundreds of bands with a similar sound are trying to get their name out, what makes Delusions so different?

I (Tony) believe what sets us apart from the hundreds of bands today is our live performance and sound. We play In such a low tuning (a sharp) yet we have many melodic leads and chorus’s that would cause you to think otherwise. Our set is powerful and energetic. We are always getting responses from fans such as, “you guys sound so heavy” or “you guys are so tight live”. That is exactly what we are aiming for and is what we dedicate our time to. Being as tight as as possible and to deliver a satisfying performance.

What do you guys do to get your name out? Do you think online promotion and interaction with your fans is important?

To promote our band we mainly use the internet. Websites such as Facebook, Bandpage, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter and Soundcloud help us get our name out there. We also have our publicist Mike Cubillos at Ear Shot Media. Being such a fresh band having Mike definitely helps us a bunch. We definitely believe that interacting with the fans is extremely important. We am constantly hearing fans talk about other bands and how they just sit in their van all day or they “hide” until they play. When you come out to see Delusions we cant get enough of the crowed. We are usually always at our merch table interacting with as many fans as possible, or walking amongst the crowds. So to answer the question, yes we think it is extremely important.

A lot of bands try to get a message across. What’s your opinion on that, and are you guys trying to do that to?

We do believe that it is important for bands to have a message. When you listen to our album each song has its own message and life experience to be heard. Some of our songs are about friends and sticking together as a family, whereas other songs are about the corruption of today’s society and the people around us believing everything they hear.
In our title track, ‘The Language Barrier’, the lyrics are “Finally lifting up above these lies, we’re moving onward and closer.” The meaning and reasoning behind this is that we have experienced in life, when you are to be considered to be “the new guy” or “the odd man out” people tend to make up their own stories and lies about you because they simply don’t understand you for who you are. People are so quick to pass judgement that they fail to realize their own imperfections. They fail to look into your past or what you want for your future which in the long run causes you to feel as if you are speaking a different language. So the lyrics “Finally lifting up above these lies, we’re moving onward and closer” are to signify the feeling of when one is finally accepted for who they are. There are so many kids out there who just want to be heard and just want people to like them for who they are. Delusions is just that. A group of five guys who have been searching for acceptance. We feel that we have finally found it here at Tragic Hero Records and Outerloop Management. They are going to help us be heard.

Why did you guys start Delusions in the first place?

Delusions, formerly Dear Dallas formed as a group of friends who loved to play and perform music. The name was changed to Delusions after the band rebuilt its line up in search for more dedicated members as well as something new and meaningful for the band’s sound.

Last question: can you recommend any other upcoming bands to our readers?

Some other new and upcoming bands we would like to recommend to the readers would be Texas In July (Equal Vision Records) and Like moths to Flames (Rise Records).

Thanks a lot for answering all our questions guys! Can’t wait to see you rip it in Europe!

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