Album of The Month

Album of the Month: No Turning Back – Take Control

Holland’s and maybe even the world’s finest hardcore act, No Turning Back, is about to release their sixth full length album. Take Control is set for February 11th 2011 through Reflections Records. The album title promises another straight forward record, exactly what No Turning Back’s good at. “Take Control is as far from a concept album as can be”. Expect 13 fast, typical hardcore tracks. Keep reading though, if you want to know what makes this album stand out.

No Turning Back kicks off like there’s no tomorrow with the fast intro of ‘In Your Maze’. A greatly structured song follows, supported by strong lyrics. I have to admit that I’m not so familiar with the older NTB albums, but ‘In Your Maze’ proves that NTB is on a very different songwriting level than any other hardcore band.

‘Remain’ shows that concept once more. Personal lyrics about a “f***ed up game called life” are highlighting grooving (!) melodies. Besides hardhitting riffs and sing-a-longs, the grooving drums and guitar parts really make this record stand out. It’s an absolute pleasure to play this record over and over again.

The album theme really comes forward in ‘Take The Wold’. The song is about following your path, taking control, and taking on the world. ‘Take The World’ reflects the band as a whole, but also all the individuals in the band: “This last year we had band members starting a van rental company for bands, a booking agency and even a workshop for custom built drum kits. The music and the lifestyle have become absorbed in our day to day lives”, says singer Martijn.

Take Control makes it clear why No Turning Back is one of the world’s best hardcore bands. As a writer, I never had such a hard time picking songs to write about, because ALL the songs are so well written.

Groove, structure and personal lyrics are the three things that make this album stand out and each song has its own charisma. Listen, and you’ll discover that Take Control is one of the best hardcore albums to date.

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