Season Of Mist Signs Of Legends

Season of Mist proudly announces the signing of Of Legends, the metal side project from Luis Dubuc, of The Secret Handshake fame. After extensive tours and nice billboards entries, Dubuc announced the creation of Of Legends a few months ago. Make no mistake though: Of Legends is far from the Motown and Soul influences of Dubuc’s previous project. Stranded is nothing but pure metal, going towards the modern extreme and core scenes and delivering riffs that make your feet and neck move to the rupture. The kind of music somebody coming from a much groovier place could write – only with a ton of anger and hate on top!

Dubuc comments: “We are all very excited to be a part of such a cool label. Some of our influences include The Dillinger Escape Plan, Atheist and even Mayhem so it’s cool to have a home alongside those bands. We are looking forward to this album being released and touring all over on it!”

Of Legends is managed by none other than Dillinger Escape Plan founder/guitarist Ben Weinman, and will see their debut Stranded hit the stores on March 21st (March 29th in North America).


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