Austin Carlile Back In Of Mice & Men

A representative for Rise Records has revealed exclusively to Altpress that Of Mice & Men have replaced vocalist Jerry Roush with original frontman Austin Carlile. The band also replaced guitarist Phil Manansala with Carlile collaborator Alan Ashby.

Carlile was the original vocalist of Attack Attack! before being fired by the band in 2008. The following year, Carlile started Of Mice & Men but left the band last April citing a need to undergo heart surgery. An ugly feud took place online between Carlile and the remaining members of OM&M, along with a few choice comments from Attack Attack! Ex-Sky Eats Airplane vocalist Roush took over after filling in for Carlile on tour.

The reformed Of Mice & Men lineup will head into the studio this month with producer Joey Sturgis to record their sophomore full-length.

Let us know what you think of this news and leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Austin Carlile Back In Of Mice & Men

  1. He came back? Awesome. He has a unique scream that stands out amongst the metalcore bands, and, to not have him in Of M&M would just be ridiculous. Animosity needs to be distributed amongst the band members, and, songs need to be cranked out. Theres no need for negativity to bring a good band down.

    • Thanks for dropping a comment Aric. I agree that his comeback will stimulate the writing proces of the new album big time and that his screams are outstanding. Looking forward to the new record!

  2. I think Austin has really grown a lot since Attack Attack! left him. I also really hope that he’s gotten past a lot of the issues he was facing while he was with them. It’s awesome that he is back with OM&M and i hope his heart is beating well, the band wouldn’t be the same without him.

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