ALIVE since 2010

I recently discovered this Indonesian brand called ALIVE and they have some pretty cool designs in their collection. Please find their story below.

Established in Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia, ALIVE is an independent clothing company focusing on street wear, music, and lifestyle. Inspiration comes from simplicity, flexibility, harmony, hope, freedom, sensuality, beauty, love and friendship. ALIVE produces its handmade designs on raw cotton that is produced without agricultural chemicals and chemical. Organic cotton products are made by using least chemical in the process.

“We are a street brand with a strong graphic attitude: we grab bits and pieces from the past and translate it into a driving fashion passion for the present. We walk, we talk, we breathe and we are inspired by you. Going fashion for whatever the occasion. ALIVE will be the leading indie-label streetwear brand with high quality merchandise and excellent customer service in the industry”.

Still Fun, Still Enjoy, Still ALIVE – STRONG AND BALANCE

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