Interview: For The Fallen Dreams

On one of 2010’s very first winter days, For The Fallen Dreams visited Holland, accompanied by The Ghost Inside, Suffokate and Lower Than Atlantis. Even in the venue it felt like it was below zero, so inside a nice and warm tourbus I talked to Dylan, singer of For The Fallen Dreams, about their tour, what inspires him to write music and their upcoming album.

Back in Europe once again! How’s the tour so far?

Yeah 4th time! Tour’s been great! Really good! The first and second show in Germany were really good, about 600 kids showed up.

Is touring Europe a lot different from touring the States?

Touring Europe is different in its own way. The kids enjoy the music more. They do a lot more watching than in The States. Kids in the US move around a lot more but the kids in Europe appreciate the music more, and buy more merch. I love to come to Europe, we all do.

What do you think of the European scene?

It’s great. Germany is amazing, the UK is amazing. Belgium, Holland, Austria, the eastern countries… everything’s amazing and kids come out.

Can you tell me something about For The Fallen Dreams growing to the point where you guys are now? You’re playing shows all around the world, how did that all happen? Has it to do something with you being different than other bands?

Hard work. Touring non-stop, our management, our fans. Touring on and on and on, and keep going, even if you want to take a break don’t do it and keep going. We play melodic hardcore and got inspired by bands like Misery Signals. I wouldn’t say that we’re different than other bands and that there’s a reason we had more success… I’d just say that we love what we do and believe in what we do and what we play and that we just go out there… live… and play. Play what we feel in our hearts, and that’s just what it is. We don’t do anything we don’t wanna do.

What do you do to keep your fanbase alive?

We try to tour Europe twice a year, six months apart. And we try and tour Australia one time a year. We feel like that way kids are coming out to the show and having a great time to music they’re listening to NOW. Cause if we’re not coming back to Europe for two years, than kids will be like: hey who’s this band?
Besides that we try to keep kids updated online through Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. New shows, tours, post new music, keeping kids up to date.

You’ve just released a new demo called ‘Strange Faces’. We love the song and I was wondering if you can tell me something about your new album.

It’s gonna be just as heavy, but a little more singing. Compared to the last album it’ll be pretty much the same.. melodic hardcore with a little more singing. We’re really excited for it! It’s gonna be more emotional than the last one, more about life

What inspires and influences you to write your music?

Just life. Life aquaintances. Being a kid, or an adult.. Every single thing ties into it: family, playing shows, traveling, politics. Everything that someone goes through as a 22 year old male, is what the record sounds like.

Talking about bands, I personally like acts like City and Colour, Anberlin.. I don’t listen to heavy music a lot. I like 90’s.. Alice In Chains, Goo Goo Dolls, Silverchair, all that stuff.

Saying that you like 90’s and bands like Anberlin, what got you into metal?

I used to listen to metal back in the day, like As I Lay Dying -Frail Words Collapse, Underoath – We’re Only Chasing Safety. Those were my two main influences. Live music is what got me to play in a band. I love touching people, you know when someone comes up to you and says that my music inspired them and got them through hard times. That makes me wanna do it.

Any other plans for the near future?

We’re recording the album in February and we hope to release it late spring/early summer on Rise Records.

Can you recommend any upcoming bands from the States to our readers?

Periphery, they’re on Sumerian Records and are really good. Besides them.. Oh, Close Your Eyes, they’re on Victory Records. And Lower Than Atlantis, the band that opens this tour.

Do you think it’s important to be different than other bands, like Lower Than Atlantis?

Yeah, it is, it’s very important. Stick out. I like to be different in my own individual way. I can say that into band sense, it’s good to be different, because people will notice you and want to listen to you.

Any last words?

I love Europe and I love touring Europe. The fans are really good, great I should say. That’s about it!

Cool! Thanks a lot Dylan. Have an amazing time in Europe and good luck on this tour!

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