Album of The Month

Album of the Month: The Chariot – Long Live

Atlanta, Georgia’s loudest, most chaotic and destructive band, The Chariot, made the world a little better by releasing their latest album called Long Live. It was released on November 22nd, but we could already enjoy an amazing video for ‘David De La Hoz’ and a stream of ‘The Audience’ on Myspace. Our expectations were high, since Wars And Rumors Of Wars blew us away last year, but the lads in The Chariot amazed us once again.

Over the years, The Chariot proved themselves to be the contrary of modern metalcore. No breakdowns in Drop F, no typical gang vocals, no autotune. The Chariot is pure, and stick to their original sound, covering a lot of screaming vocals by Josh Scogin, distortion, chaos and random dialogues.

Long Live brings you more of the typical Chariot-sound, but will amaze you nevertheless. Kicking of with ‘Evan Perks’, The Chariot reminds you in 96 seconds who you’re dealing with again. An energetic and good start of Long Live.

The City is one of the songs that actually has a sort of structure. It’s less chaotic than the other tracks and it feels like a shout out; that Josh is trying his utter best to deliver a message to the listener. A message of revolution. A message that definitely got our attention.

You may already know ‘David De La Hoz’ from the amazing one-take-video they released on their Youtube channel on October 21st. A heavy start flows into a poetry section, sang by Dan Smith (of indie band Listener). You can say that ‘David De La Hoz’ is a perfect mixture of genres, ending in an instrumental masterpiece under the lead of Timbre.

The Chariot delivered a great record once again. Don’t expect structured A-A-B-A songs, but lots of experimenting and a onslaught of hardhitting noise. In my opinion, Long Live is one of 2010’s best albums, and they prove it in every single way.

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