Q&A: Miss May I’s Ryan Neff

After two very impressive releases and being one of the leading metal core bands in today’s evolving scene, we wanted to catch up with Miss May I. Bassist Ryan Neff of the Troy, Ohio based band took some time to answer our questions.

You’ve just released a new full length album. In the making of Monument, did you have any goals or expectations for it?

Our goal was to write another record that we would want to listen to if we were on the outside looking in, and that is both fun to listen to on cd and live.

What is the first song you started working on (in Monument)?

There was a skeleton written for the song “Gears” for about 4 months before it was recorded. The first song fully written and completed was Relentless Chaos.

In Recognition is a nice touch to the album, is there reason to why this track consist of only clean vocals?

We wanted to take the opportunity to showcase our ability to break the monotony of the all screaming metalcore sound we usually have in every song.

What’s the idea behind the title: Monument? Are there personal meanings involved?

The record is something we are very proud of and we want it to be the start of many great records to come from us so in the way it is our monument, and our answer to all the critics of the first cd.

This scene evolves super fast. How do you try to keep up?

I don’t know if you really can anymore. With Monument we just wrote a record that we would want to listen to and are fortunate that it caught on and is doing well.

How do you think you have improved as a band with this album?

Our song structure is stronger, we worked hard on getting the songs to flow better than the previous album and be less choppy and more easy to follow.

What band(s) have an influence on your own music?

As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour, All That Remains, Unearth

What are the highlights of touring/performing?

Knowing that your fans are happy and get a chance to enjoy your music and get a release from the day to day by coming to see you is the biggest highlight for me

Are there any upcoming bands you can recommend to our readers?

Bury Tomorrow is an amazing metalcore band on tour supporting us right now. Easily one of my favorite up and coming bands.

Thanks for answering our questions Ryan! See you at Groezrock 2011!

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Miss May I’s Ryan Neff

  1. Thanks for this! Now I was hoping he would elaborate on the subject of their album, the meaning of their songs and such. I’m still figuring out their lyrics. I’m not sure where they stand…

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