A good start of your weekend: Creations, Venia, Messengers & 21 Gun Salute

Some cool hardcore bands to kick off your weekend!


This is what Creations is about. Don’t hesitate a moment and check these guys out. Their brutal sound, mixing hardcore with metal, will convince you right away.



Found some house show footage of Venia. While on tour with Grave Maker and Donnybrook! a venue decided last minute to turn their show into an 18+ night and started carding all the kids. They decided to move the show to some dudes house in El Paso, Texas. Get inspired!



Strike First Records’ latest signing Messengers, pulled no punches this year when they charged onto the Dallas heavey music scene. Childhoofd friends Noah, TK, Andy, and brothers Chad and Chance have set in motion an unstoppable sound. High energy, fast-paced, driving tracks dominate Anthems, the band’s first EP, and spot-on gang vocals punctuate the songs with uncompromising strength.

Head over to their Facebook to check ou their title track from their upcoming EP Anthems here: http://tiny.cc/m6l5o

21 Gun Salute

Saw these guys playing a great and energetic show on Hell On Earth two weeks ago. Make sure to check these guys out and show them your support.


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