Interview: Of Mice & Men

Meeting up before their show in Amsterdam, drummer Valentino Arteaga and guitarplayers Shayley Bourget and Phil Manansala took some time to answer our questions.

So how’s Europe treating you so far? This is your first time here right?

Shayley: Awesome! This is our first time here and it’s great. We’ve done our share of touring in the States, and the shows aren’t too different, but the sights are cool and the kids are definitely in to it. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s awesome. There’s not one paticular country we’re looking forward to, because every country has its own cool things and we just want to play shows, but we were definitely looking forward to play Amsterdam!

How many of you guys were there at the start of OMAM?

Valentino: Phill and I, and Shay. The three of us. Our bassplayer, Jaxin, recently departed from the band to focus more on his clothing company and his family.

And how does all the line-up changes influence the music you guys write?

Valentino: Uhm, I don’t feel like it’s gonna effect it much. The main writers are still in the band, so we’re not too worried about it. We’re currently writing a new album and going to record it in the studio in January and hoping to release it in the summer. You can aspect it to be a little bit heavier and more singing.

What makes OMAM different from other bands?

Valentino: We’re pretty straight forward. We don’t have an act, we get up there and rock, so to say. There are a lot of bands that work on their live show, dress up and to this and do that. We don’t do all of that.
Phil: We plug in and play.
Valentino: That kind of way our music is too. We don’t have too much programming or any sort of extra stuff we can’t play live. We came to rockkkkk.

What inspires you to write your lyrics?

Shayley: Life. Says it all for me. Trying to be inspirational about it, setting an example and inspire people to be better than before. Give them senarios of situations I’ve been in and translate it into lyrics so people might connect to it. Being in that situation, tell them what positivity of that negativity could be.

Any other cool plans for the future besides writing a new mindblowing record?

Phil: The This Is A Family-tour with Attack Attack!, Emmure, Pierce The Veil and In Fear And Faith. That’s how we’re gonna end our year, so we’re pretty excited about that. We do that tour and go straight to recording.

Can you recommend any upcoming bands to our readers?

Shayley: The Contortionist. Heavy. Progressive.
Phil: A band called Let Live. They’re awesome and kids definitely need to know about them.

Oke thanks guys! Have a good time in Amsterdam and good luck with the rest of the tour and the recordings of the new album.

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