Interview: Intohimo

July 3rd. Hot. VERY hot. So Called Celeste kicked of Peacedog Festival 2010 perfectly. A lot of amazing people, a great set-up and a positive vibe, makes this already on of the best festivals of the year. Our Swedish friends Intohimo shared the stage with Through Solace, The Spirit That Guides Us and many other amazing bands. We finally had the chance to see them live and talk to them.

So what do you guys think of Holland? This was your second time here, right?

Yes! And it’s awesome! The people are kind and talk really good English. It’s always a relief once we crossed Germany and we’re here. Unfortunately the TomTom broke down on us on our way here and we had to buy a new one. But we’re finally here are really enjoying ourselves. Although it was super hot today, we had a lot of fun on stage and the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves too.

What do you think of the European scene?

Well back in Sweden it’s dying. The people in the hardcore scene in Sweden are the big, tough guys that don’t like the music we make, because they think it’s too “emo”. Besides that Sweden is a big country with only 9 million inhabitants. It’s super hard to get the kids to a big city, because they often have to travel for hours. A lot of the American bands that are touring, aren’t coming to Sweden neither, so there’s not so much going on anymore.

In Germany, those same tough hardcore guys go crazy at our shows though. They’re a lot more openminded, while in Sweden it’s all about “being true”. Most good bands are from The States, but there are a lot of skilled European bands too. The scene is just not big enough for all those bands to break through.

With that in mind, how do you guys try to get your name out?

We play whenever and wherever we can play. And of course, we use Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to keep in contact with our fans.

Are you working on a new record?

Not specifically a new record, but we’re writing new music to find our true sound. Our last album, Us; Hollows, was too mainstream. We kind of lost our soul there, because we wanted to write an album that people would like, resulting mixed reactions. A lot of people told us that is sounded like Underoath, but that was never our intention. Our old drummer had a lot of influence on the songs, but we just wrote songs that sounded good at that moment. The new stuff is gonna be more us, more soul, more different.. Most things are already done in this scene, but we’ll go back to our roots to create pure songs. People still have say like: “whow, this is Intohimo”. We’ve definitely grown as a band since the last album, but we want to move as far from the old sound as possible. The writing is still in an early stage, but it’ll be more technical. We’re going back to our old post-rock sound and mix that with descent hard music.

We’re currently in negotiation with a big label, but as long as there is no deal and there’s no label that has our backs, we won’t release a new album.

So what do you guys do to keep your fanbase alive?

We simply try to be there for them. Listen to what they have to say and show them our appreciation. Intohimo stands for passion, and that’s exactly what are about. We try to create a feeling during our shows and also communicate that through social media. Myspace has become more of a platform where kids can listen to our music and add us to their database and Facebook is getting bigger and bigger on the interactive communication.

Any unheard plans for the future?

Besides writing new music, we’ll be touring this fall with The Spirit That Guides Us. We’re super stoked to go on tour with them, so we’ll definitely go check them out later today!

Oke guys, thanks a lot for the interview and see you back in the fall!


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