Interview: Underoath

On one of the first sunny afternoons of the year, March 17, I’m sitting along one of Amsterdams cannals with Chris from Underoath.

Hi Chris,

Legends Arising is a blog for kids to read about their favorite artists and discover new music.

LA: You guys are a big inspiration to a lot of these kids. What’s that like for you? How does that make you feel?

Chris: It’s weird more than anything man.. We’re really not that type of band. We don’t see us as a big or inspiring band, we’re just dudes that all play music together.

LA: What do you think got you to this level?

Chris: Well we’ve been playing over 11 years now. We just played shows on and on and on. When we were in highschool we played kids’ parties and small shows in the underground scene. I never thought this was possible, it was and still is just all about playing the music we love. Via via we played more shows and got the opportunity to travel. I guess it was a snowball effect.

LA: So you can say the scene is pretty good back home?

Chris: Yeah the scene is good! It was different though, back then. There was no heavy music scene. There were big bands like Pantera and Metallica, but nothing like the hardcore scene nowadays.

LA: You guys have been busy writing the new record. Can you tell me some more about that? What is it gonna sound like compared to the previous albums?

Chris: Yeah we are! Well 6 songs are semi done.. and we’re recording in June. It’s hard to tell what this album’s gonna sounds like compared to the other ones, because we’re only half way done.

LA: Who were your biggest inspirations for this album?

Chris: There’s not really one band that inspires me. It’s more music in general. Everything really, haha. Everything that excites you.

LA: Like I said before: A lot of kids look up to Underoath. Do you have any advice for them to get as big as you guys are?

Chris: Do not try to be a big band.. Don’t be in a band to sell records or play shows. Just do what you do, do what you love.

LA: And my last question: What upcoming bands from the States do we have to be aware of?

Chris: Ahh that’s a hard question, there aren’t that many new bands that I know. Uhmm… well there’s Inner Party System. They’ve been around some time, but they’re really cool!

LA: Ok, my final question, haha: what are your plans for 2010/2011?

Chris: Touring, touring and more touring. After recording our new record ofcourse, haha.

LA: Ok, thanks for your time Chris and good luck on the show tonight, on the tour and with the recordings of the new album!



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